Drive with dipped headlights on. Observe the speed limit. Tune into FM radio to hear any safety instructions.

Tunnel Operator

The Operator has full jurisdiction in the Tunnel. Drivers must obey instructions from the Operator.

FM Radio Break-in Facility

In case of an incident, tune into any FM radio station to hear safety instructions.


CCTV is in operation throughout the Tunnel.


Loudspeakers and Electronic Variable Message Signs will be used to give instructions.

Emergency Stations

Emergency Stations on the left side of the tunnel wall have direct telephone connection to the Operator and contain fire extinguishers.

Pedestrian Exit

You must exit the tunnel via the marked pedestrian cross passages when instructed to do so.

Emergency Lay-bys

There are four emergency lay-bys on the left side of the tunnel wall at a distance of 1 km.

Fire Fighting

Firefighting niches with hydrants are placed every 125 m and hose reels every 60 m.

Using the Tunnel

  • Check fuel before entering the Tunnel
  • Remove sunglasses
  • Switch on dipped headlights
  • Tune in to FM radio to hear safety instructions, in case of incident
  • Maintain safe distance between vehicles
  • Lane Open
  • Lane Closed
  • Do not turn or reverse
  • Do not stop except in an emergency
  • Obey speed limits

Bye-Laws Governing Dublin Tunnel

If you breakdown or are in an accident

  • Switch on Warning Lights
  • Try to exit Tunnel or drive to nearest lay-by
  • Switch off engine
  • Go to nearest emergency station, use emergency phone to contact operator
  • Obey Operator instructions on loudspeaker systems, FM radio and electronic signs
  • If your vehicle is on fire, switch off engine and leave vehicle immediately

Heavy Goods Vehicles

  • Maximum permissible height
  • Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front
    Heavy Goods Vehicles 3 Chevrons
  • Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front
    Dangerous Goods Vehicles, 4 chevrons
  • Vehicles with 3 or more Axles stay left
  • Drivers of vehicles over 2.9m wide must contact customer in advance to request if permissible
  • Restricted items of Class 3 require flashing amber light, front & back

Safety and User Guide for Heavy Goods Vehicles with Hazardous Loads

If there is a fire in the Tunnel

  • If there is smoke or fire behind you, drive out of the tunnel
  • If there is smoke or fire ahead, stop vehicle, turn off engine, leave vehicle immediately and exit via the nearest pedestrian exit
  • Nearest Pedestrian exit is indicated by distance on the wall. Obey Operators instructions

Egis Road & Tunnel Operations Ireland