Egis Road & Tunnel Operation Ireland (ERTO) was established in 2005.
ERTO manages all operational aspects of the Dublin Tunnel on behalf of the National Roads Authority.

ERTO also operates the Motorway Traffic Control Centre that incorporates Intelligent Traffic Management Systems for several motorways and provides 24-hour assistance to the Emergency Roadside Telephone network. ERTO is a part of the Egis Group.

A responsible company

Egis is attentive to its clients, respects their requirements and skilfully accompanies their development. It continuously observes the needs of both developed countries and emerging economies in order to contribute to the development of their infrastructures and institutional organisations. Egis respects professional ethics and integrity. Egis is committed to the principles of sustainable development and demonstrates a sense of responsibility concerning the long-term impact of development on the environment and living conditions.

A caring company

Egis takes into account the aspirations of each and every one of its employees and duly acknowledges their contributions. It promotes effective teamwork in which each person has a clearly defined role. Egis encourages autonomy and responsibility in its staff. It recognises and promotes skills.

A creative company

Egis fosters technical and methodological innovation. It encourages professional and intellectual mobility and incites in its personnel the desire to undertake and rise to challenges. Through grouping of staff members with the same skills into ‘business communities’  Egis enhances the capacity for innovation within its teams.

Egis Road & Tunnel Operations Ireland